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Signals That You Need an Oil Change

It may seem like a small deal, but in reality, fresh oil in your car is hugely important. It keeps several parts lubricated and running smoothly, and without it, your car’s lifespan would significantly decrease.

At Certified Automotive, oil changes are just one part of our comprehensive auto service offerings. If you’re driving a vehicle that doesn’t come with a specific warranty or reminder, how will you know when it’s the right time for an oil change? Here are a few signs it might be time.

Idling Issues

If you notice that the vehicle has begun to shake or rock while you idle, and it seems like this sensation is coming from the engine, this could be a sure sign that your oil is bad and needs replacing. Bad oil leads to an increase in friction within the engine as elements like pistons, rings and bearings have less lubrication. These items operate more roughly and lead to the shaking sensation you’re experiencing.


You may hear noises that signal bad oil in a few different areas. While you’re starting the car, you might hear a ticking sound coming from the engine – this could mean that dirty oil is having trouble moving around the engine, and isn’t lubricating an item called the valve train properly.

In addition, you may also hear noises while the car runs. These are most commonly knocking noises, which may show up simultaneously with shaking or rocking issues while idling that we discussed above. These issues are due to worn out rod bearings from bad oil – if this goes too long without a change, you’ll need to replace not only the oil but the rod bearings as well.

Power Loss During Acceleration

Lack of lubrication can also lead to a sensation where it feels like the car is losing its power level during acceleration. This issue will get worse and worse continuously until you change the oil.

Check Engine Light

Finally, the simplest and most common sign that your oil needs changing will often be the check engine light. This light can mean many things, but it often signals that the oil needs changing.

Check your car’s manual when this first comes on – if you can’t find the answer here, speak to our experts.

For more information on oil changes, or to find out about any of the other auto shop services we offer, speak to the pros at Certified Automotive today.

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