When you need a Starter Motor Salt Lake City UT replaced, you can trust Certified Automotives’ ASE Certified technicians’ for quality service and auto repair.

Sometimes a starter motor will give you a warning before it fails. For example, if you turn the key to start you vehicle and hear a clicking sound but the vehicle starts the second or third try the starter motor in most likely the problem.

An experienced auto repair technician at Certified Automotive in Salt Lake City can inspect and test the starter motor and electrical system pinpointing the need repair.

Salt Lake City’s extreme temperatures increase demands on automobile’s starter motors. When the automobiles engine is cold the engine is more difficult to turn over creating greater stress on the starter motor, battery and electrical system.

Recent modifications in automobile engineering have changed starter motor mounting to a variety of locations On some automobile engines you may not be able to see the starter motor. It could be mounted under the intake manifold making it an auto repair that only an experienced mechanic should perform.

An unusual problem that may make you think your starter motor has failed is when the A/C compressor is seized. When the A/C compressor seizes it will create such a severe drag that the starter motor cannot turn the engine over.

As with most automobile diagnostics procedures and tests an experienced automotive technician should be called upon to diagnose and complete any required auto repair.

For any starter motor or auto repair you may require call Certified Automotive in Salt Lake City, UT to schedule an appointment 801-484-0121.