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Starter Motor Repair in Salt Lake City

Certified Automotive’s ASE-certified mechanics can help with your starter motor problems. We’ll fix any problem that may have led to your starter motor failure.

Your starter motor is connected to the car’s electrical system, which is where the problem may be originating. Rest assured that we perform all the initial checks before doing any repair. This way, we’re sure about whether the problem is in the starter motor itself.

How a Starter Motor Works

The starter motor is a small DC electric motor that engages the engine when you turn the ignition on. When you turn the ignition, the electric circuit in your car sends a large current of electricity to the starter motor, then engages with the flexplate that allows the engine to spin and suck air. Electricity also goes to the spark plugs, initiating the combustion process.

Now you can see how a starter motor affects the entire system. Your car won’t start if there’s something wrong with it or your car’s electrical system.

What to Do

With auto bugs like a starter failure, it’s always best to bring it to a mechanic. It’s not a DIY task for the occasional handyman, so it’s safer to let professionals handle the problem.

We diagnose by finding if the defect is in the starter motor itself, the battery, or another area in the electrical system.

Starter Motor – A pinion gear inside a starter, if it continues to touch the flexplate, can cause the starter to spin too fast. What usually happens is the starter motor gets damaged.

Battery – The battery is prone to a few external failures such as cable problems or corroded terminals. Since the starter motor needs a large current of electricity to start, problems in power delivery can prevent the starter motor from engaging.

If it’s suffering from a different kind of failure, know that we’ll address it completely. Let Certified Automotive take a look at your starter motor, so you can get your car going again.

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