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How Brakes Work

Most modern vehicles have disc brakes on all four wheels that are controlled by the driver and operated by hydraulics.

Due to the dynamics of weight distribution while braking the front brakes do more of the work than the rear brakes. Therefore, the front brake calipers, pads and rotors are larger and heavier than the rear brake components.

How Disc Brakes Work

A disc brake system has five main components the brake pedal, master cylinder, caliper, rotor and pads. As the driver presses on the brake pedal hydraulic fluid in the master cylinder is pressurized and forced through the brake line pressurizing the piston in the caliper. As pressure builds up on the caliper piston if pushes the brake pad against the rotor which slows the speed of the tire and wheel depending on how much pressure is applied.

How Drum Brakes Work

Key components of the drum brake system are the brake pedal, master cylinder, slave cylinder, brake shoes and the drum. Similar to the application of the brake pedal on a disc brake system the pressurized brake fluid forces the brake shoes against the rotating brake drum which in turn slows the tire and wheel

Parking Brake

All cars have a parking brake on two wheels. Usually the parking brake is on the rear wheels. The parking brake can be used if the primary braking system fails however the parking brake system has limited braking.

Parking brake systems are mechanical which means it is operated by a combination of levers, pulleys and guides that are different from vehicle to vehicle. Some park brake systems operate similar to the drum system with a separate park brake shoes and drum within the main drum. Some park brake systems utilize the driveline as the component to slow the rotation of the wheels.

Maintenance of Brake Systems.

Modern braking systems require little maintenance. I recommend flushing the brake fluid every 30,000 miles. Brake fluid can get contaminated or get moisture in it. When the fluid becomes contaminated with moisture or metal it is not as effective as clean brake fluid. Brakes should be inspected by a qualified mechanic each time your car is serviced.