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Brake Repair in Salt Lake City

Brake Repair Salt Lake City UT | Certified Automotive

Brake repair is one of the most important auto services you can get for your car. Whether there’s a problem or not, it’s always better to be safe about your car’s brake system.

We service your brakes at our Salt Lake City shop, making sure the system is in good condition.

Our mechanics can work on disc and drum brake problems, as well as parking brake issues. If it has something to do with your car’s ability to stop, don’t hesitate to bring it to our garage. When it comes to auto repair, and especially about brakes, we treat each car like it’s our own. We don’t drive when we know the brakes aren’t safe — and we’ll help make sure you don’t, either.

How Brakes Work

As a driver, you know the basics of brakes. You have a pedal, which you use to activate the brakes. Your car may have two disc brakes in the front and two drum brakes in the back, or four disc brakes.

The pads in disc brakes and shoes in drum brakes will need replacement. Most of the time, premature wear is the problem. If you’re very generous in your braking, you’re wearing your brakes faster. Unserviced brakes in Salt Lake City will not only fail to perform up to par because they haven’t been repaired, but could make your car dangerous as well.

Maintenance is Vital

Professional brake service is necessary for your safety. Regular visits will allow us to monitor your brakes, as well as provide repairs if necessary. Whether it’s about pad replacement, brake fluid flush, or other services, you can count on us.

Our ASE-certified mechanics have the experience and training to service your brakes in Salt Lake City. We’ll keep your car safe and in good running condition.

Call us today and set an appointment for brake service.

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