General Maintenance

36 Months / 36 000 Miles Nationwide Warranty | Certified Automotive

General Maintenance and Factory Recommended Services and important to the longevity and usable life of your vehicle. Each time your vehicle is serviced it is important that whoever is performing the maintenance is trained and has experience servicing vehicles. Most “quick oil change” businesses do not employ experienced or ASE Certified technicians who know what to look for to keep your vehicle in good condition and your family safe.

Quality maintenance while having your oil changed includes inspecting all visible belts and hoses, inspection of filters to make sure they are serviceable. Our ASE Technicians also visually inspect your brakes, tires, exhaust system and much more. We will also check and top off all vital fluids at no charge. Let’s not forget tires. Tires should be rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. We take pride in providing a thorough inspection of your vehicle. Then you can decide if you want to follow our recommendations.

When it is time to replace the water pump belts, timing belts, radiator hoses or filters you can rest assured Certified Automotive uses only high quality replacement automotive hoses, belts, air filters and cabin air filters.

Factory Recommended Services 30/60/90

30/60/90 mileage services usually require a thorough inspection of the vehicle as well as some additional maintenance. Some of these maintenance services include transmission fluid change, coolant flush along with transfer case oil change or brake fluid flush. As the vehicle gets older spark plugs and spark plug wires need to be replaced as well as the timing belt. Some manufactures may also recommend fuel injector cleaning.

Our goal at Certified Automotive 3361 S. West Temple, Salt Lake City, is to keep your vehicle well maintained, reliable and safe. Call us today to schedule maintenance for your car or light truck.