One of the many preventative maintenance services we offer is Fuel Injector Cleaning Salt Lake City UT. This can be beneficial when it comes to restoring lost power, eliminate rough idling and even increasing gas mileage. Without cleaning dirty fuel injectors that have harmful carbon, gum and varnish deposits your automobile may be hard to start, idle rough and have slower than normal of acceleration. Cleaning the fuel injectors is beneficial is several ways. Over time an automobile may start to idle rough and be more difficult to start because of dirty fuel injectors.

We have a three step fuel injector cleaning process.

First, we clean the throttle body. Cleaning the throttle body is a labor intensive process which requires removing the air intake system to get to the throttle body. The product we use is very potent and should be used only by trained and experienced technicians.

The second step is the inductive service that feeds a chemical into the intake so that it will clean the intake manifold, the injector tips, valves ant combustion chamber.

An alternative to the inductive method is the rail service method. The rail service method injects the chemical directly into the fuel rail which is more effective at cleaning the inside of the fuel injector. The third step is a simple as putting additive in the fuel tank. The product we use is stronger and more effective than products available in auto parts stores.

We recommend fuel injector cleaning if your automobile has issues of hard starting, rough idling, reduced fuel mileage or failing emissions.