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Fuel Injector Cleaning in Salt Lake City

Certified Automotive offers professional fuel injector cleaning services. Our mechanics will ensure that your car’s fuel injector is free from built-up gunk, restoring lost fuel efficiency and performance.

While this sounds like a simple task, it’s important to have certified technicians to handle the job. This part of your car’s internal system is delicate, and mishandling anything could lead to a costlier repair. Our ASE-certified mechanics will get the job done the right way.

Why Fuel Injectors Get Clogged

Your engine’s internal combustion system releases emission through the exhaust system. But deep inside the engine, the combustion chambers still release exhaust when powered down. That gas floats all over the internal components of your car, including the fuel injectors. The exhaust residue builds up, alongside some debris like sediments and hydrocarbons, and clogs the injector.

By then, when it can’t deliver enough fuel to the engine, you won’t get your regular mileage. You also won’t be able to start your car because not all the cylinders will fire, due to lack of fuel.

Maintenance is Your Only Move

Fuel injection cleaning is preventative maintenance, and not repair. You can’t do anything with the residual fumes clogging the fuel injector. But you can choose your gasoline station. Make sure that they sell high-quality fuel and use a proper injector system. It will prevent debris from coming in by a large degree.

Make sure not to hold off on your fuel injecting cleaning for too long. If the fuel filter is clogged as well, you may be straining the fuel injector. Also, if you get water in the fuel system, it will corrode the injector and allow for more debris in its pathway.

At Certified Automotive, you can be sure that we provide complete fuel injector cleaning. With our services, your engine will be back to peak performance.

Call us today or fill out the short contact form to schedule your fuel injector cleaning.

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