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Come to Certified Automotive for a reliable emission test in Salt Lake County.

It’s important for your vehicle to go through the appropriate checkups to make sure that it’s compliant with Utah’s vehicle regulations. State regulations ensure your safety and everyone else’s, so an inspection and a test are critical before taking the vehicle on the road.

Car and truck owners are welcome to have state inspections with us. You can check the DMV website to know when you need to have the inspection. If you have to do it this year, make sure to schedule it as soon as possible so you won’t have to chase deadlines. If not, make a timeline that allows you a few days without your car. This is important if your vehicle is your primary transportation or it’s the company car.

About the New Law

The senate recently passed a bill that will remove the mandatory vehicle inspection in Utah. It will lessen the burden of taxpayers to the tune of $25 million, according to reports. The governor, however, has yet to sign it.

The tax benefits are undeniably positive, but we hope that it won’t affect the importance of state inspections. It’s the first step to safety, and even though it has a high chance of becoming a law, Certified Automotive still encourages vehicle owners to have regular inspection and testing. It’s not just for the performance of your car, but the safety of everyone on the road.

And with a world moving toward a safer, more environmentally friendly approach to transportation, you’ll know that you’re safe and are moving with the times if your car is up to modern standards.

Certified Inspection and Testing

We are certified by the state of Utah to conduct vehicle inspections and emission testing. We also utilize modern testing equipment to produce accurate readings, which is important when recommending repairs. We only suggest certain repairs when they are necessary.

Certified Automotive is a full-service auto service facility. Whether it’s an inspection, repair, or maintenance, we can do it all.

Call us and schedule an appointment for your car today.

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