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As you drive your vehicle do you ever feel that it is just not running right? Or has the engine light just lit up. Well it may be time for a drivability diagnostic technician, to help determine whether or not there is a minor problem as simple as tightening your gas cap, or warning of a problem, that if ignored can become more serious and more expensive. So don’t ignore those lights and “listen” to what your car it telling you.

Proper timely maintenance can help keep your car running efficiently and safely. And when there are signals that there may be something affecting your performance you can rest assured that the well trained and experienced staff at Certified Automotive in Salt Lake City can diagnose the problem.

Drivability Diagnostics Salt Lake City UT

Drivability has to do with anything in regards to how the vehicle is performing while on the road. The list is endless but includes brakes, tires, exhaust system, power train, ignition, suspension, etc. Signs that something may be wrong include, lit dashboard lights, car hesitating, stalling, poor fuel economy, car idles rough, to just name a few. With the proper diagnosis the technicians here at Certified Automotive can zero in on the problem and identify issues before they become major repairs.

Cars are much more complex today with basically a computer system that acts as the brain of your car. And when something is off the brain is notified by sensors and warning lights are lit to help make you aware of the situation. At Certified Automotive we have the computerized equipment that helps read the code and identify the problem. Sometimes this is just the beginning of the diagnostic process. And if so the technicians have the experience to perform extensive in-depth analysis to determine what is required to correct the problem, make the necessary repairs, and get your car back running the way it should.

Certified Automotive, in Salt Lake City’s, goal is to have happy repetitive customers that enjoy driving a reliable, safe car. Our drivability diagnostic service allows our technicians to make sure that happens.