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Drivability Diagnostics in Salt Lake City

Drivability Diagnostics Salt Lake City | Certified Automotive

Drivers develop certain instincts about their cars. If you sense anything wrong with your car and you don’t know where to look, bring it to Certified Automotive for drivability diagnostics.

It’s the accurate way of reading into what’s wrong with your car. The on-board diagnostics (OBD) take out the guessing game with this process, allowing our ASE-certified mechanics to zero in on the problem. The technology provides direction about the right action, whether it’s a repair or a simple adjustment.

Certified Automotive knows drivability diagnostics by heart. Our experienced, highly trained technicians are never lost in addressing any drivability complaint, from the fuel and engine to the exhaust system and brakes.

The Common Problems

Drivability complaints tend to fall into three categories: engine breathing, fuel, and ignition. Diagnostics can touch on many driving issues such as:

Intermittent Check Engine Light – Oxygen sensor failure usually turns the Check Engine light on, but if it keeps appearing periodically, there might be a deeper problem or the OBD has an issue.

Rough Idling – There are a number of causes for rough idling. It could mean multiple sensor failure, a vacuum leak, or a tune-up problem.

Mediocre Fuel Economy and Performance – Your car’s sensors may be at fault again in this area, or the fuel injector needs cleaning.

There are other issues detectable through drivability diagnostics like surging, hard starting, and limp acceleration.

How We Correct the Problems

If it’s within the realm of drivability problems, let us check up on it. Our comprehensive approach ensures that we don’t miss any detail. We rely on codes and readings, and we know what to look for.

A minor difference in how our cars are set up can mean a big difference on its drivability. Let Certified Automotive correct your car’s problems, so your vehicle runs the way it should.

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