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Computer Diagnostics in Salt Lake City

Computer Diagnostics Salt Lake City | Certified Automotive

Certified Automotive offers computer diagnostics to help determine the real condition of your car. On-board diagnostics (OBD), the computer inside your car, contains information that tells us everything about the way your car is running.

From brake position to speed and other manufacturer data, it’s all visible through the OBD and with a scan tool.

Who Benefits From Computer Diagnostics

Computer diagnostics can be useful for many things, and maintenance is a big beneficiary. For fleet managers, they can monitor their cars closely. It means they can anticipate repair needs and have them fixed before the problem worsens.

For insurance companies and parents, computer diagnostics provide proof about driving habits. The former can reprimand or reward drivers for their attitude on the road. The latter can watch how their children use the family car, knowing if they are safe or being reckless.

For our mechanics, diagnostics are an important guide to repair work. The OBD of your car sends signals about repair needs, primarily though the Check Engine light. It’s usually just the beginning because the Check Engine warning typically leads to deeper problems. But rest assured that our mechanics will check first before recommending any repair. It may just be a minor problem, and we don’t want you to pay for services you don’t actually need.

Computer diagnostics are also important to secondhand car owners, in tracking the real mileage or as a second opinion.

Practical Solution to Driver Issues

If you’re experiencing issues such as decreased mileage or drivability problems, performing computer diagnostics will help you a lot. It’s basically a set of pre-tests so the repairs will be more accurate, if they’re even necessary.

Certified Automotive can do it for you. Our ASE-certified technicians use modern tools for the most accurate readings.

Call us today and schedule your next computer diagnostics.

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