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Shock Absorbers and Struts

If your ride has been uncomfortable to the point of bounciness, you won’t do yourself any good by suffering through it. Let Certified Automotive service it to find out if the problem is in your shocks and/or struts. These components keep your wheels on the road, and they’re probably the culprit for why it’s bouncing off the ground too much.

We warn against driving a car that has worn shock absorbers or struts. It’s dangerous to yourself and other drivers. Your car will also be a pain to drive, and it will just give you a headache trying to steer your car off collisions when it keeps heading to it.

Signs of Worn Shock Absorbers

It’s easy to know if your shock absorbers and struts needs service or replacement. If the ride has been too bouncy, you need to have it to looked at by a mechanic. The more measured approach is to bear down on your car and see if it bounces. If it returns to a level state, it’s still good. If it bounces, you need to consult a mechanic soon.

These are other signs of worn shocks and struts:

  • Side winding
  • Shaking and rattling
  • Uneven tire wear

These could also indicate other problems, but if the stability and comfort of your ride are your main gripes, it’s most likely about the shocks or struts.

We Help All Types of Drivers

For most drivers, shock problems are simple enough to address. We will ensure that everything is as it is, and that your ride is comfortable. There are a variety of shocks and struts available for you to choose from, ranging in price range, build quality, and capabilities.

For racers, shock absorbers take the punishment of the road. It’s the same with civilian cars, but in racing, the bumps and dips on the road are much worse. It’s also tricky to avoid them while driving fast, so a good set-up of shocks is important.

Ensure a smooth ride every single time you head out on the road and get your car serviced by Certified Automotive.

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