Fleet service programs include maintaining fleet vehicles, performing necessary repairs that are approved by the fleet manager and maintaining maintenance records for each vehicle.

The benefits of having Certified Automotive manage your fleet account are improved vehicle fuel mileage that results in money saved and increases your bottom line. We will remind you when scheduled maintenance is due. You no longer have keep maintenance records and spend your time determining which vehicle needs and oil change.

Vehicle down time will be minimized due to proper maintenance and preventive maintenance. Fleet maintenance program lowers the costs of repairing your vehicles. For example we will inform you when brake pads need to be replaced before they are worn out and damage additional brake components.

Included in our Fleet Maintenance program is a discounted price for providing service and maintenance for multiple vehicles in your fleet. Many times we are able to purchase quantities of a specific item necessary for the maintenance of your fleet vehicles.

Not only will we maintain the vehicles we are able to complete brake jobs, coolant flushes, transmission flushes, replace alternator belts, water pump belts and AC belts and much more all at a discounted price.