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Radiator Repair in Salt Lake City

When it comes to your engine’s wellbeing, the radiator plays an important role in absorbing the heat it produces. It’s the main component of your car’s cooling system, and maintaining it is as important as any major repair.

At Certified Automotive, you’ll find knowledgeable, experienced mechanics ready to help you care for your radiator.

Signs of a Faulty Radiator

One of the challenging areas of radiator maintenance is knowing the signs for repair. Let us inform you about the most common signs of a faulty radiator:

Overheating – When the engine overheats, it could be that it’s unusually hot or your radiator is broken. If it keeps happening, there might be a problem with your radiator. You should bring it to a repair shop before it completely fails and needs replacement.

Leaking – Keep an eye out when you’re refilling the water or coolant for the radiator. If it keeps leaking even if you funneled the fluids, it’s possible that there’s a crack in your radiator. We pressure test this kind of thing, so we’re sure where the leak is originating. As a precaution, don’t keep refilling the radiator because you’ll only be wasting money.

Radiator Sludge – Among the common causes of radiator sludge, or that brown-colored substance in your radiator, are corrosion, leaking intake manifold gasket, and coolant that causes leaks. Sludge buildup will lead to cooling system failure, which means roadside breakdown for your car.

Radiator Service from Professionals

We want to help you avoid costly radiator repairs in the future. That’s why our ASE-certified mechanics examine the radiator closely to detect the main and potential problems.

We also have the latest flushing equipment that allows us to clean the radiator system clean of any contaminated fluids.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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