Automotive cooling systems including the radiator in your vehicle are put to the test in Salt Lake City weather. Our experienced technicians can repair your cooling system, replace your radiator or flush you radiator when needed.

Radiators and cooling systems are directly involved in cooling your engine when it is hot as well as heating your vehicles cabin in the cold weather. Periodically, a radiator flush is recommended to clean the cooling system internally. Certified Automotive’s experienced and expert ASE Certified Technicians are equipped with the latest and most advanced radiator flush equipment available.

Avoid expensive cooling system repairs by maintaining your radiator and keeping clean coolant in the cooling system. Antifreeze brakes down over time. If your cooling system is not maintained there is the risk of overheating the engine or even freezing the coolant resulting in a cracked engine block.

In the past most all antifreeze was the same. Today, each automobile manufacturer recommends a specific coolant to meet the unique needs of each particular vehicle. Always be sure to consult your owner’s manual or visit a qualified auto repair shop to find out which coolant your vehicle requires. In Salt Lake City consult Certified Automotive for automotive information.

Our extensive time tested automobile maintenance procedures examine and detect potential problems with your cooling system or radiator. Trust your vehicle to experienced technicians for quality repairs. Our national 24,000 mile/24 month warranty is the best in the business.

Quality automotive maintenance and repair is our goal for each and every customer.We also offer free shuttle service in the Salt Lake City area.

Call Certified Automotive today and schedule an appointment for cooling system repair, Radiator Repair Salt Lake City UT or a radiator flush.