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Timing belt replacement is the “must-do” service operation which every car owner should know about. Certified Automotive in Salt Lake City, wants you to be aware of whether your engine is considered an interference engine or not. As simple as replacing your timing belt can, at a minimum, save you from unexpected breakdown and in the extreme can help you avoid thousands of dollars in auto repairs.

Without getting too technical, the synchronization between two internal engine parts (the crank and cam shafts) is accomplished with the help of the timing belt. In the process of these two parts moving the valves open and close in close proximity to the pistons. This constitutes an interference engine, because if the timing belt jumps a tooth on the sprocket on which it rides or the belt fails altogether the valves and pistons will “interfere” with each other.

This collision will cause major damage to the engine. The repair bill will, on older vehicles, often exceed the value of the car. On the other hand, a car whose engine is not configured this way will simply lose power or will not start.

The motivation for replacing the timing belt is obvious. But how do you know when to replace it? If you have a question concerning timing belt replacement intervals and the type of engine (interference or not) contact Certified Automotive in Salt Lake City, UT.

Some other considerations relative to timing belt replacement are:

  • If the vehicle is leaking any type of fluid that might degrade the belt, you should disregard the suggested replacement interval and replace the belt and repair the leak.
  • Do you know the repair history of the vehicle Certified Automotive in Salt Lake City can inspect the timing belt for you.
  • Timing belt replacement can be labor intensive. Since the water pump is usually accessed in the same repair you might consider replacing the pump at the same time even if it doesn’t leak.
  • To avoid subsequent failure consider replacing sprockets and tensioners that are part of the timing belt system.

In the case of the timing belt, it just makes sense that Certified Automotive’s ASE technicians in Salt Lake City, UT should be the repair shop for all your automotive repairs.

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