Certified Automotive is licensed by the State of Utah to perform Utah State Safety Inspection and Emissions Salt Lake City UT.

Most vehicles will pass the Safety Inspection however some vehicles will not pass the State Inspection requirements and need quality automotive repairs. The most common repair needed is brake repair or brake replacement. Other common needed repairs include suspension repair, tire replacement and windshield replacement.

If a vehicle fails the Utah State Safety Inspection and Emissions Salt Lake City UT we are able to make the necessary automotive repairs and have your car or lite truck repaired and back on the road in a short period of time.

It the state requires your automobile to be tested for emissions we are licensed and certified to perform emission testing also. Most automobiles and lite trucks will pass the emissions test. In some cases it is necessary to make automobile repairs or adjustments to your automobile or lite truck so that it will pass the emissions test.

We have the necessary diagnostic tools to determine the reason for an automobile or lite truck not failing the emission test. If repairs are necessary for the automobile or lite truck to pass the emissions test we are qualified and prepared to make the required repair.

Keep in mind that we are a full service auto repair facility. Our goal is to keep your automobile in a safe and reliable condition. If you are willing to maintain your vehicle and make the necessary repairs when they are needed your automobile will last a very long time.